Keynote Speakers/主旨报告_SEAI 2023

Distinguished professors from both academia and industry will be invited to give speeches.

Fellow of IEEE

Prof. Mauro Barni, University of Siena, Italy

Speech Title: DNN Watermarking: Opportunities, Challenges, Dos and Don’ts

Mauro Barni graduated in electronic engineering at the University of Florence in 1991. He received the PhD in Informatics and Telecommunications in October 1995. He has carried out his research activity for more than 20 years, first at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of the University of Florence, then at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Siena where he works as full Professor. His activity focuses on digital image processing and information security, with particular reference to the application of image processing techniques to copyright protection (digital watermarking) and authentication of multimedia (multimedia forensics). He has been studying the possibility of processing signals that has been previously encrypted without decrypting them (signal processing in the encrypted domain – s.p.e.d.). Lately he has been working on theoretical and practical aspects of adversarial signal processing, adversarial machine learning and protection of IPR in AI by means of neural network watermarking.

From 2010 to 2011, Prof. Barni has been the chairman of the IEEE Information Forensic and Security Technical Committee (IFS-TC) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He has been a member of the IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing technical committee and of the conference board of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Mauro Barni is a fellow member of the IEEE, fellow member of AAIA (Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association) and senior member of EURASIP. He was appointed distinguished lecturer by the IEEE Signal Processing Society for the years 2013-2014. He has been the chairman of the Italian chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society from 2018 to 2021.

Fellow of IEEE

Prof. Grigoris Antoniou, University of Huddersfield, UK

Speech Title: Using Ai in the Diagnosis of Mental Health Conditions

Grigoris Antoniou is Research Professor of AI at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and Vistting Professor at the L3S Research Centre in Germany. His research interests lie in semantic technologies, particularly knowledge representation and reasoning and semantics for big data, and its application to e-health and smart cities / IoT. He has published over 200 technical papers in scientific journals and conferences. He is author of three books with international publishers (MIT Press, Addison-Wesley); his book “A Semantic Web Primer” is internationally the standard textbook in the area, and has been translated to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Greek. His research has attracted over 12.000 citations. He is member of editorial boards of journals including Artificial Intelligence Journal, and has organised a number of conferences and workshops (including being PC Co-Chair of ESWC 2010 and General Chair of ESWC 2011). He is Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence and Fellow of the Asia-Pacific AI Association.


Prof. Wei Xiang, La Trobe University, Australia

Speech Title: When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Things: Motivations, Challenges, and Applications

Wei Xiang (S’00–M’04–SM’10) Professor Wei Xiang is Cisco Research Chair of AI and IoT and Director of the Cisco-La Trobe Centre for AI and IoT at La Trobe University. Previously, he was Foundation Chair and Head of Discipline of IoT Engineering at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia. Due to his instrumental leadership in establishing Australia’s first accredited Internet of Things Engineering degree program, he was inducted into Pearcy Foundation’s Hall of Fame in October 2018. He is an elected Fellow of the IET in UK and Engineers Australia. He received the TNQ Innovation Award in 2016, and Pearcey Entrepreneurship Award in 2017, and Engineers Australia Cairns Engineer of the Year in 2017. He was a co-recipient of four Best Paper Awards at WiSATS’2019, WCSP’2015, IEEE WCNC’2011, and ICWMC’2009. He has been awarded several prestigious fellowship titles. He was named a Queensland International Fellow (2010-2011) by the Queensland Government of Australia, an Endeavour Research Fellow (2012-2013) by the Commonwealth Government of Australia, a Smart Futures Fellow (2012-2015) by the Queensland Government of Australia, and a JSPS Invitational Fellow jointly by the Australian Academy of Science and Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (2014-2015). He was the Vice Chair of the IEEE Northern Australia Section from 2016-2020. He was an Editor for IEEE Communications Letters (2015-2017), and is currently an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Access, and Nature journal of Scientific Reports. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers including 3 books and 200 journal articles. He has severed in a large number of international conferences in the capacity of General Co-Chair, TPC Co-Chair, Symposium Chair, etc. His research interest includes the Internet of Things, wireless communications, machine learning for IoT data analytics, and computer vision.